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This archive contains archival copies of the Gender Advocacy Internet News (GAIN) news service, published from 1998 to 2004. GAIN collected relevant news stories, action alerts, short essays, and other information related to the trans community. For…

This archive contains copies of documents and files publicly hosted on tgender.net, which offered hosting to a variety of transgender groups and non-profits: Transgender at Work, a non-profit focused on addressing workplace issues for transgender…

This archive contains digests for the CDForum mailing list, covering 1988 to 1993. CDForum was one of the first trans-specific email mailing lists and remained active until at least 1995. Digests 145, 175, 177, 179, and 242 are not included. For more…

Listing of LGBT-related Echo-Mail Conferences

This .zip holds copies of THE GAY & LESBIAN BBS LIST, a monthly listing of active Gay & Lesbian BBSes. The list was maintained by Risqilly, sysop of Risqilly BBS and S-Tek BBS in Montreal, from 1985 to August 1999 (when the final edition was…

Listing of active Gay & Lesbian BBSs. Published monthly.

Application to access the "Restricted" sections of the Puss N Boots BBS, including "GAY/BI" and "TransGender" section.

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