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Taken from "About" description: "Transgender News was founded and is maintained as an educational resource and historical archive of news and commentary relating to and of interest to the transgender (LGBTQI) community. NOTE... We cannot edit a message after it is posted. And, please, do not ask us to delete posted messages: we don't. Thank you for your understanding of this.

Transgender News can also be accessed at the Google Transgender News group.\n\nThis group is non-profit and non-commercial. The news and commentary we post here is intended for research and education purposes only, and not for any financial gain on our part or on that of our members and readers.

All messages are moderated.

Do not reply to messages. Replies are not posted.

A WORD ABOUT MAIL... On average, Transgender News posts about 25-30 messages a day. If you set your Message Delivery to Individual Emails when you joined the group and now feel that you're receiving too much mail, rather than unsubscribing from the group, please consider switching to Daily Digest or No Email."

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Open membership. Posting and content visibility restricted to group members.


“transgendernews,” Queer Digital History Project, accessed December 1, 2023,

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