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Donate to the QDHP

As part of its mission to document LGBTQ life online, the Queer Digital History Project collects information on and primary sources from a variety of LGBTQ-related fora, including archival files or videos. Because most of what is hosted on the site is publicly accessible, the QDHP does not collect:

  • Private communication between individuals unless both parties have given written consent to the QDHP for the files to be archived
  • Individual postings to communities as single files unless they are either directly related to group structure (such as FAQs or group statistics) or contain group history narratives.

The QDHP may host complete archives of a community, but unless an archival collection has been previously published elsewhere (as an the case of the AIDS Info BBS), these archives will come with some form of access restriction outlined on the file page itself.

As a digital-first project, the QDHP does not maintain archives of physical media such as floppies, CD-ROMs, or hard drives. However, we are happy to work with donors to create and host accessible copies of project-relevant files, as well as identify and liaison with possible partner repositories to permanently house such items. 

Once received, all donated items will receive their own item entry, including physical description (if relevant), description of content and context, and donor credit. Note that donors may choose to be credited under either a legal name or a commonly known online handle or nickname. Click here to see an example of what such an entry would look like. 

If you're interested in donating items to the QDHP, please contact curator Avery Dame-Griff to discuss starting the process.