Queer Digital History Project


Logging queer history online, one site at a time.


The QDHP is an ongoing effort to document pre-2010 LGBTQ digital spaces online. Our current projects include a catalog of early LGBTQ online communities, an archive of transgender-related Usenet newsgroups, and interactive maps of TGNet, one of the first international transgender-specific BBS networks. For more information, see the FAQ page.

The QDHP is maintained by Avery Dame-Griff, Lecturer of Communication Studies at Gonzaga University (Spring 2020). If you have questions or wish to contribute, please feel free to email admin AT queerdigital.com.

Also, if you're using the project, please let me know - I love to hear how folks are using the QDHP (and how it could improve).

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PrideNet! USA & Canada Info Pak


Includes: PRIDELST.071 - Nodelist (of member BBSes) PRIDENET.ECH - List of Echos (forums) PRIDENET.APP - An application for sysops to join…


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