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LGBTQ Web History Research Resources

This page collects an ongoing (and growing) list of different primary and secondary resources and texts used in developing this project. These items are primarily intended for those interested in doing early web history research, either as independent researchers or within a classroom setting. While some of these texts and archives are LGBTQ-specific, others are equally applicable to broader web history-related topics.

Each list item includes (for books) a full citation, as well as a link to either its WorldCat record or (when available) a scanned copy held in the Internet Archive. Some of these items, particularly more obscure ones, are annotated. A more frequently updated collection may be available in the Queer Web History Resources Zotero group.

Have a collection or text to suggest? Interested in using these guides? E-mail the curator at admin@queerdigital.com.

Table of Contents


The archives listed here vary from those focused mostly on born-digital materials (textfiles.com) to more traditional print-based archives. Since many smaller, regional BBSs are only referenced in community publications, I've included relevant digitized newspaper archives.


These are texts (mostly books) which document websites, platforms, and other early web resources.

LGBTQ-specific texts

Contextual Readings

These articles, texts, and web resources offer historical background and context on various parts of the early web, including hardware, software, and relevant sites.

Methodological Readings

While these readings do offer some historical background and context, they also discuss the methodological issues related to web history research.