THROBNET Primary Documents


THROBNET Primary Documents


A collection of primary documents related to adult BBS network THROBNET, which had several active LGBT-related conferences. Includes (listing copied from
  • blt1 - THROBNET: What is Throbnet?
  • blt2 - THROBNET: Detailed Descriptions of Throbnet Conferences
  • blt3 - THROBNET: List of Moderators of Throbnet Conference Moderators
  • blt5 - THROBNET: How to Send Private Mail in Throbnet
  • blt6 - THROBNET: Free Speech in ThrobNet
  • blt7 - THROBNET: The ThrobHelp Conference
  • blt8 - THROBNET: The Moderators' Guidelines
  • throbnet.apl - THROBNET: National Adult Network Network Application (October 31, 1994)
  • throbnet.cnf - THROBNET: Detailed List of Throbnet Conferences
  • throbnet.inf - THROBNET: Introduction to the Throbnet International Adult Network
  • throbnet.lst - THROBNET: List of BBSes in the Throbnet Network
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“THROBNET Primary Documents,” Queer Digital History Project, accessed July 15, 2024,

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