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Group Description

Taken from group's original "About" description: "Transgender News and Features (TGN&F) was founded and is maintained as an educational resource and historical archive of news and commentary relating to and of interest to the transgender (LGBTQI) community.

After March 31, 2015, we will cease posting news to this group.

Our news posting will continue at our other groups: Yahoo Transgender News and Google Transgender News."

Years Active


Intended Audience

General Interest

Original Access and Visibility Restrictions

Open membership. Posting and content visibility restricted to group members.

Redaction and Access Resctrictions

As an archive of material published elsewhere, group files are included in the archive, and only message metadata has been redacted.

Requests to access this archive will be reviewed by the curatorial team. If you are interested in accessing this archive, please submit a request form. Once the request is submitted, the curatorial team will review your request and be in contact with you.



“transgender_news_and_features,” Queer Digital History Project, accessed October 20, 2021, https://queerdigital.com/items/show/102.