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Queer Digital Community Catalog


This catalog collects basic information and resources on LGBTQ-related online communities prior to 2010, particularly those from the so-called Web 1.0…

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Primary Documents Collection


This collection holds primary documents (listings, programs, applications, etc) related to LGBTQ life online pre-2010. When possible, files have been…

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AIDS Info BBS: Documents

This collection holds files recovered from archived versions of the AIDS Info BBS website, as archived by the Internet Archive. The AIDS Info BBS, as…

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Archived LGBTQ Yahoo Groups

This collections holds archives of LGBTQ-related Yahoo Groups collected prior to the service's closure in late 2019. Each of the entries contains more…

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Read/Write Memories Oral Histories


The Read/Write Memories Oral History Collection documents the personal narratives of queer/LGBT individuals who used early digital platforms such as…

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